A conglomerate of DASH user groups
Think global act local

About DASH Global

DASH Global started a an initiative to bring DASH news to the world on their language. As the original goal is coming to completion. Our next step is to become a Hub for local user groups empowering individuals the same way the governance model work.

As the DASH price goes up, and is becoming a steeper ladder to start, this community HUB will work as an incubator for this relative smaller projects and get their first steps setup in the community.

DASH Global is working with well over 6 different groups around the world, and plan to acomplish 10 before the official launch of the proposal.

DASH Global Vision

DASH Global vision includes coordination with different DASH communities around the world with inclusivness and exchange of not only ideas but actual exchange, presentations and logistics for community members.

In a digital world is important to generate a evidence trail of the physicial world activities, for that matter is important to plan your meetup according with the digital rules.

  • Provide digital 'paper trail' of your events. Create a site or use an event site to make a public annoucement of your meetup. Make sure to have enough time for promotion and include all details related like location availability etc.
  • Record and take pictures during the event. Distribute guides to the DASH cryptocurrency.
  • Publish all multimedia evidence of the event, on your site.
  • Make budget of the prospects of the event, this is important since it will allow you to generate a history of the group.
  • Publish any public agenda of the group as well as well as iniciatives of them.
  • Generate comprenhensive reports of your past meetups each month.

Contact DASH GLobal

Feel free to leave us a comment on the DASH Pre-Proposal Forum on how to improve and make the proposal more inclusive and international.